Skill up Your Career to Grab Future Opportunities

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The pandemic COVID-19 has dragged a range of crises and unemployment is on the top of the list. But this pandemic has encouraged the UK government to invest in re-skilling programs for their citizens.

Learning how to skill up your career is now a compulsion for every individual who got directly affected by the post-COVID-19 situations whether they lose their jobs, face salary deductions, or do not get the promotions.

Difference between Skill up and Re-skill yourself?

Skill up is a process of acquiring skills or ability for a particular occupation by continuous training and learning of a trade, technical skills such as computer programming, teaching, or cooking, hardware skills, soft skills include critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking, professional writing, teamwork, digital literacy, leadership, professional attitude, work ethic, and career management, labour skills, life skills, and more.

While re-skilling refers to learning new skills that replace existing skill sets in order to get a new job or change your career.

Why Skill up is Important?

Individuals are required to skill up at present because of many reasons including:

  • Improve market and industry competitiveness
  • Create better job opportunities
  • Potential to progress into your passion
  • Boost career and pay scale
  • Boost employability and courage to change your career
  • Learn new skills and develop new expertise
  • Experience the difference

How to Skill up Yourself?

Find out your weakness and work on your objectives:

If you’re amongst those people who lose their jobs due to pandemics and don’t know why you got fired then this is the time to figure out what are you lacking that caused your unemployment. Once you figure out you’re your weakness start getting clear on your objectives, find out in which field or job you want to get into or in the same way, you can work on your interest or passion to treasure a new job.

Get into the right direction and follow the perfect path:

  • Conduct an analysis to find out the compulsory skills you need for the career or job you chose.
  • Find out from where to start and at what level do you stand.

What jobs you should choose to be into to beat the competition:

The past few years are evolving around technology and automation resulting to be the major driver to change the jobs in the UK. A couple of jobs listed here are seems to be grown in the next years and will lead the industries:

  • Software development and IT professionals
  • Medical and healthcare sector
  • Graphic designers
  • Educators
  • Skilled engineers’ jobs such as civil engineers, architecture, electrical, mechanical engineer, etc.
  • Management in different fields including tourism, hospitality, business, etc.
  • Law
  • Marketing

Get in touch with experts only:

Developing skills does not only involve grasping desired skills but also required studying relevant and getting enough knowledge of the industry. But most of us don’t know how to start and to whom they should contact in order to continue their studies or up skill themselves. EducateMe in the UK is a trusted name providing free student counseling and helping them tomake the university application easier and for free. EducateMe is a rising company with having industry experts as a team who will support you to achieve your education and university goals. All you need to do is call and talk to them to get the best for your career.

As the UK government has launched various upskilling programs include offering scholarships for further education, EducateMe is helping their students to catch this opportunity.

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