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Certificate of Higher Education (Cert.H.E./CertHE)

A Level 4 higher education qualification is a Certificate of Higher Education or Cert.H.E. or CertHE in the United Kingdom awarded after one year of full-time or two-year part-time study or equivalent by the university or any other higher education institution.

Your successfully completion of a Certificate of Higher Education can take you to the second year of an appropriate Foundation Degree program or an honours degree program.

You can find the list for Certificate of Higher Education programs we offer:

  • CertHE Law and Legal Practice
  • CertHE Policing
  • CertHE Health and Social Care 
  • CertHE Work Place (Business) 
  • CertHE International Hotel Management* (ONLY ONLINE)

Highlights of the Course


Practical-based content

The certification includes research, research projects, theories, and practical-based curriculum to foster depth knowledge of the subject area.

Reflective Practitioners and Professional Development

Professional Learning

This certification programme will enable students to become reflective practitioners that will cultivate professional growth of students for their future jobs or pursuing a career they are interested in. 

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